Commander 115AT

The Commander 115AT training system is a comprehensive, turn key system for advanced and initial pilot training programs. The system includes the Commander 115AT high performance aircraft, pilot and maintenance training, logistics and spares support, technical assistance, and publications. The 115AT is designed for dependable, cost-effective, primary through instrument flight training. It is a roomy, four passenger airplane powered by a proven Textron/Lycoming engine.

The aircraft's structure has been proven over more than 20 years of actual flight experience, with low operating costs and high dispatch reliability.

The 115AT's flying qualities are superb. The aircraft is very stable in all flight regimes, yet still very responsive to control inputs. It has a large aircraft feel that is conducive to transitioning students into larger, more complex aircraft easily.

In the relentless pursuit of safety and quality, CPAC reserves the right to change specifications, performance estimates, material, and/or prices, and may discontinue models and introduce new models, at any time and without prior notice.


Manufacturer Textron Lycoming
Model IO-540-T4B5
Number of Cylinders 6
Displacement 541.5 cu. in. (8.87 l)
Maximum Power 260 HP @ 2,700 RPM
Recommended TBO 2,000 hours
Manufacturer McCauley
Model B3D32C419/82 NHA-5
Type Constant-Speed, Hydraulic
Number of Blades 3
Diameter 77" (1.96 m)
Maximum Ramp 3,260 lbs. (1,478.71 kg)
Maximum Take-off 3,250 lbs. (1,474.17 kg)
Standard Empty 2,102 lbs. (953.45 kg)
Max Baggage Compartment 200 lbs. (90.72 kg)
Standard Useful Load 1,158 lbs. (525.26 kg)
Fuel & Oil Capacity
Fuel 90 US gal./88 usable
(340.65 liters/333.08 usable)
Oil 8 quarts (7.57 l)
Wing Area/Loadings
Wing Area 152 sq. ft. (14.12 sq. m)
Wing Loading 21.4 lbs./sq. ft.(104.48 kg/sq. m)
Power Loading 12.5 lbs./hp. (5.67 kg/hp)

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