Acclaim Type S

Meet the latest addition to the Mooney fleet, the Acclaim Type S, even faster and more powerful than ever before. Thanks to a combination of aerodynamic refinements, the latest version of the Acclaim will now fly faster and farther. The Mooney Acclaim Type S is unquestionably the fastest single…period.

Fly faster. Fly farther. In the new powerhouse advancement of the bestselling, single-engine rectractable on the market. Pilots know. There's no aircraft like the new Mooney Acclaim Type S. Nothing has prepared you for the performance punch you'll feel when you pull back the yoke. You'll fall in love with pure speed and flying excitement all over again.
性能数据:概况  4座
Top Speed 242 ktas
Rate of Climb at sea level (max. wt.) 1,240 fpm
Long Range – Std. Fuel (with res.) 1,445 nm
Long Range – Optional Tanks (with res.) 1,852 nm
Max. Operating Altitude 25,000 ft
Take-off Run at sea level (max. wt.) 1,620 ft
Engine TCM TSI0-550-G-Turbo-Supercharaged   Twin turbo Dual intercoolers
Horsepower 280 bhp
TBO 2,000 hrs
Propeller Hartzell Three-Blade
Fuel Capacity – Standard (usable) 100 usg
Fuel Capacity With Optional Tanks (usable) 128 usg
Gross Weight 3,368 lb
Approx. Useful Load 1,000 lb
Wing Span 36' 1"
Tail Height 8' 6"
Length 26' 8"
Wing Loading 19.2 lbs/sq ft
Power Loading 12.0 lbs/hp
Airframe Warranty 6 yrs
Engine Warranty 3 yrs
Avionics Warranty 3 yrs

Direct Operating Cost
Cost Category Basis Cost
Fuel Cost 23 gal per hr @ $3.65 per gal $83.95
Oil $7.00 per quart every 7 hours $1.00
General Maintenance (1) 1/2 of an hour per flight hour $40.00
Engine Overhaul (2) $28,000 at 2,000 hours $14.00

Hourly Costs
Average Flight Hours per Year 200 400 600
Direct Costs From above $138.95 $138.95 $138.95
Insurance Estimated at $7,000 per year $35.00 $17.50 $11.67
Hangar Estimated at $6,000 per year $30.00 $15.00 $10.00
Training, Charts, misc. Estimated at $1,500 per year $7.50 $3.75 $2.50
TOTAL COSTS $211.40 $175.20 $163.12


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